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Day Tour from Thessaloniki to Phillipi and Kavala

Day Tour from Thessaloniki to Phillipi and Kavala

One of our most majestic day tours is a tour to Philippi and Kavala. We offer day tours to Philippi and Kavala city to let you see all archeological sites in the region and the beauties of Kavala.

Philippi has an extremely rich history. It was among the most important cities in ancient Macedonia as it flourished in wealth and culture during the Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods. It was especially important because of its position. It was found positioned between the Nestos and Strymon rivers and, therefore, was valued for its nearness to the gold mines nearby. It is also an important part of history because it was where the famous Philippi battle took place during the end of the Roman Republic. Just like Kavala, it also became an important religious city after St. Paul visited and started converting some of its inhabitants to Christianity. Today, the city is still important as it holds four basilicas and a considerably lively theatre. There are also various other remains from the Hellenistic period included the fallen walls of the city, as well as, their fates, funerary heroon and other roman public buildings that form an incredible archeological site. Our day tour will take you around all these sites and let you experience and glimpse some structures and other artifacts from the roman, Hellenistic and Early Christianity periods.

Although richly filled with Macedonian history, the city of Kavala is unsurpassed with its authentic Greek beauty. Some of its most defining and beautiful features are Kavala’s proximity to the sea, a natural harbor and the golden mountain Pangaos. Kavala is not only beautiful but also full of various archeological artifacts from the past. It is the first city in the region where Christianity was accepted, after the baptism and conversion of Lydia, the first European to be converted to Christianity. This happened after the arrival of Apostle Paul after 49 AD. Kavala is not only rich in history regarding early Christianity. It is also one of the oldest coastal towns in the region. With its natural harbor it attracted thousands of traders from all over the world trading in fragrant spices, garments, food stuff and fruits from tropical regions among other items. The city was first called Neapolis and was first established to secure control in trade of the areas between the mainland and Thasos and also to exploit all the gold dug from Mount Pangaion. Because of its positions and commercial harbor, Kavala became extremely wealthy and became independent from the mainland, minting its coins and enjoying some excellent relations with the Athens, a super power at the time. However, Kavala became a target for many raids, as many wanted its wealth. The Franks, Slavs, Turks and Venetians all raided the city at one time, as well as, the ottomans during the late 15th century. All these events and circumstances make Kavala an excellent destination for a day tour to witness and get a glimpse of the rich history of the region. We offer such day tours at very affordable rates. We have excellent vans and tour guides who will take you around all the archeological sites to ensure that you get to learn as much as you can about the rich history of Kavala.

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