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Day Tour from Thessaloniki to Pella and Vergina Archaeological Sites and Museums

Day Tour from Thessaloniki to Pella and Vergina Archaeological Sites and Museums

Our day tour to Vergina and Pella is one of the best ways to take you on a journey back in history. Vergina and Pella have some of the most important archeological sites in the history of the ancient Macedonians and also in the world. A day tour to Pella and Vergina will surely culminate to one of the best experiences you will have in your lifetime.

Before you visit the archeological sites and museums in Thessaloniki, Pella and Vergina, it is important for you to have some little information about the histories of the areas. Vergina, for example, was once the Royal Capital of Macedonia. Vergina was not always known by that name as it was first referred to as Aiges. An oracle gave the city that name after suggesting that it should also be the location where the city should be build. It is also essential to understand that the region was not always as peaceful as it is now. There were a lot of significant conflicts in the period between 700 and 450 BC. The kingdom, however, slowly stabilized and established itself as a key city in the Ancient Greek world. Vergina has a lot of rich history mainly because of the conflicts that later led to its establishment. For example, later in 336 B.C, Philip the Second was killed in Vergina. Two years later, Alexander the Great started his campaign of taking over the world in Vergina. As a result, the archeological sites and museums of Vergina hold some very important historical elements of the ancient Greece. For example, visitors who go to these sites can view the famous Royal Tomb of Philip the Second, as well as, tombs of other Macedonian leaders and kings. Also available for view includes various religious artifacts, gold burial artifacts that were used in the past and other everyday items from the rich Macedonian history.

Pella is also an important part of the Macedonian history because it was also once the capital of Macedonia after Philip the Great moved it from Vergina during the first half of 400 B.C. soon; Pella became an important military and cultural center for all Macedonians. Pella is also important historically because it was also the birthplace of Alexander the Great. The whole area covers about 4000 ha and is filled with historically important archeological sites where you can also view the old construction and building practices and materials from ancient Macedonian cultures. There are lots of fallen structures made of varying mosaics and beautiful marble. The museum is also not far away from the site and you can get a quick glimpse of what ancient Macedonia looked like.

There are two different day tours to Pella and Vergina from which you can choose. These include the following. An eight- hour day tour from Thessaloniki airport to the museums in Pella and Vergina and a ten hour day tour from Thessaloniki airport/city to the archeological site in Pella and Vergina, as well as, a tour to the Thessaloniki museum with or without a tour guide.

However, in case you do not like any of the options we have chosen for you, we are also flexible and open to the idea of modifying the already available plans or combining them with other archeological sites and museums to suit your preferences.

Our main goal is to satisfy all your site-seeing needs and we will not be opposed to the idea of changing the plans to go in line with what you want to see. We offer all these day tours to Vergina and Pella archeological sites at prices that are notably low and affordable.   Our day tours are affordable and will give you ample time to experience both of these cities. We have comfortable vans and high knowledgeable tour guides who will guide you expertly around the museums and archeological sites.

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