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Transfers from Thessaloniki Airport Skg to Kavala

Transfers from Thessaloniki Airport Skg to Kavala

De Tour Transfers provides transfers from Thessaloniki Airport to Kavala .Check our low prices and book now your transfer in less than three minutes. Transfer hassle free with our taxi or mini van from Thessaloniki to Kavala with low prices.The distance between Kavala and Thessaloniki airport ( SKG ) is 172 km and the duration of your transfer is aprox. 110 min.

Let Us Organize Your Trip At Affordable Prices

After landing at Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), you have to cover the distance of 171 KM to reach Kavala. De Tour Transfers provides you with reliable taxi services to make your journey comfortable. The journey time is about 1 Hour and 50 minutes. We organize your Kavala transfer and ensure you meet your travel concerns in a fuss-free manner. We make your journey from Thessaloniki airport to Kavala stress-free and provide an immediate solution for your transportation needs. You can book your ride from Thessaloniki airport to Kavala at any time and explore different destinations across the city.

Our shuttle services are also available at reasonable prices. We let you make a reservation for a taxi at your convenience. You can avail benefits of pre-booked taxi services. Even if shared transport options are available, taking out a taxi from De Tour Transfers is the most economical way to plan your trip. Our professional drivers are available round-the-clock to make your trip affordable and comfortable. We are providing budget-friendly deals to make your transfer easy and affordable. You can book your ride at any time and explore different places in the city. Our services are not limited to airport transfers only.

You can book a ride from Thessaloniki Airport to anywhere in the city. If you are looking to plan your escape even at the last minute, we make sure you travel in a pleasant way. Now, connect with us and book your ride for kavala transfer comfortably at affordable prices.